How Many Mobile Homes Per Acre (Full Guide)


How many mobile homes per acre? is frequently asked by individuals who want to acquire a mobile home park. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including the size of the mobile homes, the size of the land, and many others.

How Many Mobile Homes Per Acre

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how much space an average mobile home takes up, and some of the considerations that should be taken into account.

Mobile homes are built in a variety of shapes and sizes. But what if you’re curious about the number of mobile homes per acre?

This article is ideal for anyone looking for a low-density housing solution.

A Comprehensive Guide to Deciding How Many Acres You Need for a Mobile Home

We recommend dividing the size of your lot by 43,560 square feet to determine how many mobile homes can fit on an acre of land.

For example, if your lot is 10 acres in size and one side is 100 yards long, there are approximately 2,700 square feet per acre or 4360ft2/acre. On 10 acres of land, that translates to approximately 2900 lots.

There are more mobile homes per acre than any other type of home, according to estimates.

The average number of mobile homes per acre ranges from 2 to 14, but this varies by region.

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The Average Size of a Mobile Home

To determine how many mobile homes can fit on an acre of land, you must first determine how much space is required per home.

A single-wide mobile home is approximately 300 square feet in size, with two bedrooms and one bathroom. A double-wide will be around 400 square feet. ft. or more – these typically have at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms, necessitating a little more living space.

Can You Put Two Mobile Homes On One Lot?


It is entirely feasible to place two mobile homes on the same lot. Many factors can influence how much space the units require, but on average, they require 300-400 square feet each.

How much space will each mobile home take up if you want to put how many on your land?

The first step in determining how many mobile homes you can fit on your land is to determine how much space there is around it.

For example: If one side of your lot is 100 yards long and 40 feet wide, with no rivers or hills in sight, this acre has approximately 27000sqft/4360ft2/acre = 1133units.

If we divide that by the size of each unit (300-400 sq. ft.), we get about 14 units per acre, which means there is enough room for 28 mobile home lots!

This may not appear to be much, but when compared to other low-density housing options like apartments, it’s quite impressive.

Another important factor to consider is how much space your unit requires and how many other people live on the lot with you.

For example, if each mobile home is only 300 square feet, there are 14 units per acre, 300 square feet = approximately 4000 square feet ft. that can be used to build a house, giving you enough space for two lots of this size!

If the number of units was increased by just one or two, there would almost certainly be insufficient land to accommodate all of the extra homes.

How can I increase park Occupancy?

There is always someone out there looking for a place to settle down. Place ads in newspapers and online classifieds to reach these people. You can also advertise mobile homes for sale with lot rental on real estate websites.

Include the specifics that set your property apart from the competition in the listing.

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When looking for a rural property with plenty of land for a mobile home or RV park, keep in mind that if there are other structures on the property, such as an office building or clubhouse, you may need up to 3-4 acres per unit.

If not, consider 1 acre per 2 units – this allows people who don’t have access to a vehicle to get around easily by walking between sites that are close together. Some factors will also change depending on whether or not the local zoning ordinances permit more than one dwelling on each parcel of land.

You now understand how many mobile homes per acre work, as well as the answers to other frequently asked questions.

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