How To Attach A Porch Roof To A Mobile Home – 8 Easy Steps


If you have a mobile home with a roofless porch and want to add a roof to it, this article is for you. That’s because we’ll show you how to attach a porch roof to a mobile home here.

How To Attach A Porch Roof To A Mobile Home

Some steps must be taken in order to attach a porch roof to a mobile home. Inadequate knowledge of this process will almost certainly result in incorrect attachment. And I assume you lack a comprehensive guideline on it.

Nothing to be concerned about. Let’s go over the entire step-by-step process of attaching the porch roof to a mobile home.

How to Attach a Porch Roof to a Mobile Home?

Without a roof, you can’t use the porch effectively, especially in rainy or hot weather. In any season, you can use your porch as a living room and relax beneath it to enjoy the weather.

Before installing a porch roof, check the local building codes in your area. Then you must determine the porch level as well as the dimensions of your home and existing roof where you intend to install your new roof. There are some additional steps to take in order to complete the frame of your porch roof.

Now we’ll show you how to connect the porch roof to a mobile home in the most cost-effective and straightforward manner possible.

Step #1: Check Your Local Building Codes

Before beginning your project, check your local building codes (residents in that region must follow a set of rules when rebuilding, renovating, or building dwellings). Each area has its own set of rules and regulations to follow.

In many places, authorization is required before any construction activity can begin. If this is the case, ensure that you obtain permission from the local authorities in your area. So, double-check these before you install the porch roof.

Create a blueprint for the type of roof you want and record the dimensions of all the materials you’ll need to build it. It will make the design process much easier.

Step #2: Examine the structure and roof of your current home.

Your current roof must be strong enough to support the extension’s roof and prevent future damage. That is why it is critical to assess the home and its current roof.

If your house and roof structure are already in disrepair, you should renovate first. Then you can build any additional roofs you want. So don’t skip this step and thoroughly inspect your home and existing roof.

Step #3: Examine the porch’s elevation.

Examine the level of your porch to see if it is even or uneven. In order to build a sturdy porch roof, your porch must be level.

If it isn’t even, fix it before continuing with the project; otherwise, skipping this step could jeopardize the entire project.

Step #4: Check to see if the supporting pillars are being built.

Simple posts and columns are the two types of supporting pillars. Install whatever type of post you’re most comfortable with.

Posts provide overall support for the extension. Building a porch roof without supports is difficult.

Mark the area where the posts will be placed, then use a concrete mixture to dig holes in the indicated location for the posts to be placed in. Allow it to sit for a few minutes until the mixture has dried.

Step #5: Install the Valley Board

Various designs necessitate varying numbers of valley boards. Connect the valley boards to your existing roof with roofing cement to avoid leaks.

Roofing cement is not the same as regular cement because it is only used for roofing.

Step #6: Place the Topped Plate on top.

The valley boards are already attached to the existing roof. It’s now time to put the top plate on.

Measure each dimension of your supporting post to ensure proper connection with the top plate.

Step #7: Place the Rafters

To secure the timber rafters, metal brackets or the birdsmouth joint method are used.

On one side, the rafters will be attached to the valley board, and on the other, they will be connected to the top plate and supporting pillars.

Step #8: Cover the roof with plywood and shingles to keep it safe.

You now have a complete roof structure for your porch. Cover it layer by layer with plywood and shingles.

To improve the appearance, cover the roof sheathing with 12 inch thick plywood before applying the shingles to the sheathed roof.

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How To Attach A Porch Roof To A Mobile Home (Video Reference)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it Build a Porch on a Mobile Home?

Prepare to spend between $23 and $110 per square foot. Flooring, steps, posts, railing, roofing, and other components are all included. This includes material costs ranging from $11 to $70 per square foot and labor costs ranging from $12 to $40 per square foot.

Can I attach a Porch to a Manufactured Home?


To attach a porch to a mobile home safely, the mobile home must be anchored to the ground with footings buried below the frost line.


I hope this information was useful to you. You now understand how to attach a porch roof to a mobile home.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to build a great porch roof with your mobile home. If you skip any steps, you’ll have to redo the entire thing.

Do well to contact a professional if you cant do it.

Best wishes completing this project

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