How To Move a Mobile Home For Free (Full Guide)


There are a variety of reasons why you would want to move your mobile home. You could choose to relocate your mobile home to a location with a lovely or lush landscape. You can relocate your mobile home for a variety of reasons, including nicer views. Moving a mobile home from one location to another is no longer a tough task.

How To Move a Mobile Home For FreeHow To Move a Mobile Home For Free

To move a mobile home for free, start by looking for mobile home lots and communities that provide free mobile home accommodation. Next, look for a reputable moving company. It will not be free, but it is an essential element of the relocation process. When moving, make sure to complete your homework on the permits that are required.

Whenever it comes to moving a mobile home, you must consider both the cost and the stress involved. The obvious question is whether I can transfer it for free or if my expenses are small. The most frequent approach to relocating your mobile home is to employ a Mobile Home Park, which is ready to transfer your home to you at no cost. We’ll talk about “How to Move a Mobile Home for Free?”.

Move Your Mobile Home For Free

#1 Look for mobile home parks that provide free move-in specials.

Mobile home towns that are having difficulty locating tenants may offer discounts that waive the fees. Finding these specials may necessitate extensive investigation as well as working through the grapevine.

#2 Find a reputable mobile home moving company.

You must still pay the moving firm to carry your home to the new place. You can choose a reliable moving company or get referrals from the park where you intend to relocate.

#3 Pull Permits

To move your mobile home and put it up in a new area, you will need a permit. This should be handled by your moving company. Aside from that, you may be required to secure licenses for gas, plumbing, and electrical connections. Call a few movers to find out what services are included in their prices. You should hire a mover who will handle the majority of the permissions for you.

#4 Move your home and Connect Utilities

After you’ve relocated your home, you’ll need to connect it to utilities. Some mobile home relocation firms provide this as an optional service. If you don’t have this option, you should get a price from local plumbers and electricians. Compare rates and choose the most affordable offer.

How To Find Free Move-In Mobile Home Deals Near You

It can be tough to discover a mobile home bargain that includes free move-ins, but it is not impossible. These pointers can assist you in locating places that provide free move-in:

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  • Look at the websites of mobile home communities in your preferred area. This is the simplest approach to finding a free move-in apartment in your desired area. However, it can be time-consuming and should probably only be done if you are unable to uncover specials in other methods.
  • Inquire with mobile homeowners whether they know of any move-in specials. The majority of people in the mobile home community communicate, and not all bargains are publicized online. Asking around is a great approach to learning about other options.
  • Consider bargaining with the owner of a neighborhood. Many mobile home parks require on-site maintenance workers. Offering to work in exchange for a fee-free move-in can help you save money or make your relocation more pleasant.

Can You Move A Mobile Home For Free?

Even if you own your own mobile home, there is no such thing as a completely free move. You will still need to pay professional moving companies to transport your mobile home to your new location, as well as fees to connect your utilities and any paperwork that may emerge.

When people talk about relocating a mobile home for free, they are referring to having the fees for moving to a lot waived by mobile housing lot groups or finding a location that will not charge people to have a mobile home on their land.

How much does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

The price of moving a mobile home is determined by a variety of factors. That is why estimating the typical cost of moving is frequently difficult since you must consider the distance to your new home, the cost of obtaining a moving permit, the set-up services, equipment for carrying the mobile home, and, finally, the size and weight of the house.

Of course, the farther you want to move, the more expensive the relocation, and the larger the house, the more expensive the removal. When all factors are considered, the average moving cost for a single-wide mobile home could range between $5,000 and $8,000. It is important to remember that it may be less or more based on the distance and services required. Furthermore, the relocation costs for a double-wide mobile home might range between $10,000 and $12,000.

Can You Negotiate A Discount With Movers?

Most people are unaware that they can negotiate the price of their move with movers.

Most of the time, skillful bargaining can get you a few hundred dollars off the price. If you are unable to do so, requesting them to provide you with a free service for the same price may be a better option. After all, obtaining a mobile home skirt is not always simple.

Additional Costs for Moving Your Mobile Home

While it may appear that moving a mobile home is simple, this may not be the case depending on where you wish to relocate it. You will also need to obtain a permit before moving into the mobile home, which will cost you approximately $3 for each part of the mobile home. For example, if you are moving a single-wide home, the permit will cost $3. A single-wide would cost $6. These fees, however, vary depending on where you live.

In addition, all outstanding taxes, as well as current taxes, must be paid. After that, you will receive the certificate to move as well as the decal. If you relocate your mobile home without the decal and certification, you could face a large punishment.

Moving Mobile Home Out of State

Relocating Mobile Home Outside The StateCredit: Constantgardener / Istock

If you intend to move the mobile home out of state, you must guarantee that all delinquent and current taxes are current. In addition, you will be required to pay taxes up to a year in advance in order to transfer the mobile home.

If you buy it from someone else, you’ll need the title transferred. If you are caught moving a mobile home without doing so, you may be held accountable and may not be permitted to park it anywhere, including on your own property! It is critical that you advocate for the transfer of title.

Video Reference (Moving & How to Negotiate Effectively)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The price of moving a mobile home is highly dependent on the distance, size, and mobile home moving provider. The average cost of moving a mobile home, on the other hand, ranges between $5000 and $8000.
Of course, if the mobile house is properly built up, it can be moved with a pickup truck. When using pickup trucks to move mobile homes, make sure you set the weight northwards if the truck has three axles. Other media or vehicles, however, can convey a mobile home from one location to another. Mobile homes can be towed or hauled, depending on their size, weight, and location. Most mobile homes can be towed by a pickup truck, while others will almost certainly be hauled by a trailer. However, the arrangement necessitates a significant amount of knowledge and technique.
No, a mobile house cannot be moved while containing furnishings. Most home movers will require you to empty the mobile home before moving it completely. Emptying it means getting all utilities, flowers, and inside and outdoor furnishings out of the residence. So, before moving, make sure to empty the house and check the weather forecast.

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It is critical to understand that there is no completely free way to move a mobile home between lots. However, there are ways to avoid the typical move-in fees associated with changing lots or moving your mobile home to a new location. Most people’s primary attention will have to be on this area. When looking for a “free move,” the most important thing to do is research.

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