6 Best Outdoor Furniture for Oceanfront Houses?


The opportunity to walk on the water is an amazing way to watch the sunset. Living at sea is amazing and offers many challenges.

Best Outdoor Furniture for Oceanfront Houses

One challenge is salt and humidity. Saltwater coming from the sea can have a hard impact on deck furniture and siding. In such situations, it is important to purchase durable patio furniture capable of surviving the extreme humidity of the ocean. What is the best outdoor furniture for oceanfront properties? is the most frequently asked question among waterfront homeowners.

Unfortunately, constant exposure to salt air and the elements causes our outdoor furniture to deteriorate much faster. This is why you should select the most durable outdoor furniture for your beach house. If you choose the wrong material, your furniture may become stained, warped, or cracked within a few years.

The best outdoor furniture for oceanfront properties should be heavy, long-lasting, and resistant to the elements. Cast aluminum, HDPE lumber, plastics, teak, and stainless steel, are all good furniture materials. Other options may necessitate more maintenance and last less time. Avoid using low-cost plastic and softwood.

Before purchasing new outdoor furniture, consider your home’s environment, visual design, and spending plan. Also, keep in mind that most metals can cause corrosion when exposed to salt, but oxidation is much easier to clean and maintain than rust. Rust spreads quickly through wrought iron and other steel furniture options.

More durable materials are much more expensive, but they pay off in the long run because materials such as teak can last for more than 30 years. Within a few years, low-cost plastic garden furniture begins to crack and stain. Not only would the more durable material withstand extended outdoor use, but it also often looks better. The initial cost is offset because of how long the furniture lasts.

6 Best Outdoor Furniture for Oceanfront Properties?

  • Polywood Nautical Arms Chaise
  • Polywood Classic Folding Adirondack Furniture
  • Christopher Knight’s Home Outdoor Aluminum & Mesh Chaise Lounge (2 Set)
  • SAFAVIEH Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair
  • Patio Sense Theon Bistro 3-piece Set
  • Walker Edison Rendezvous Modern Outdoor Dining Chairs

Polywood Nautical Arms Chaise

Polywood Nautical Arms Chaise is indeed a great way to relax, which seems only natural for a business whose main idea has been to create products that are incredibly simple and stress-free to maintain.

Polywood Nautical Arms Chaise

Aside from the fact that it is made of Polywood lumber, this chaise lounge has two outstanding features. First, it has an adjustable backrest, making it easy to find just the right level of inclination, and it can be laid flat for easy stacking, which is great if multiples are to be stacked for easy storage.

Polywood Classic Folding Adirondack Furniture

Polywood also sells Adirondack Chairs. This was their first product, and it’s easy to see why they became such a popular brand. It is based on an Irving Wolpin design from 1938 and features a backward sloping seat and back to put the user in the ideal position to relax in.

Classic Folding Adirondack

It is also a very attractive chair that will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of an easygoing, relaxed atmosphere in your outdoor waterfront space.

Christopher Knight’s Home Outdoor Aluminum & Mesh Chaise Lounge

When it comes to outdoor furniture, not everyone likes the rustic look. For those people, a piece of finely shaped casted metal provides little pleasure, and they don’t like the look of wood, or it is inconsistent with the style they’ve incorporated in other parts of their homes. For them, a well-polished piece of metal gleaming in the sunlight is much more their style, and while many of the items on this list may not appeal to them, I have no doubt that this set of chaise lounges will.

Aluminum & Mesh Chaise Lounge

Christopher Knight Chaise Lounges are the pinnacle of modern design. There is no woodwork or ornate metalwork in this room. Instead, these chaise lounges are made with stylish silver-colored aluminum frames and grey mesh, making them not only visually appealing but also weather resistant. If you take the proper cleaning precautions, these chairs will last a long time.

SAFAVIEH Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

This chaise lounge is ideal for someone who wants to spend some time alone, or if you have a few pieces, it’s ideal for hanging out with friends on the waterfront. The chaise long’s back can be adjusted to the desired inclination, and it has a comfortable seat cushion.

Outdoor Chiase Lounge Chair

The eucalyptus wood frame is what makes this chaise long truly unique. Because of its high oil content, eucalyptus wood is highly resistant to rotting. With little maintenance, it will last a long time, and as it ages, it will develop an even darker color. Eucalyptus wood is also very pleasant to the touch, with a soft and smooth feel and a light grain.

The weight of eucalyptus wood is roughly equivalent to that of oak, but that isn’t a problem with this chaise lounge because Safavieh has included a set of rear wheels.

Along with all of the other great features of this chaise lounge, there is one more: a sliding tray for one’s drink.

Patio Sense Theon Bistro 3-piece Set

 Patio Sense Theon Bistro Set is a cute little set that looks like it belongs in a small cafe. Of course, it’ll be equally at home in a peaceful waterfront setting. The small table and chairs are ideal for someone who wants to save space or does not require more space than for two. It’s a very appealing-looking set made of cast aluminum with a very appealing and detailed criss-cross pattern.

Patio Theon Bistro Furniture

Its seats are a decent height for the table, and the set is a great choice for those who want to eat and drink coffee outside.

Walker Edison Rendezvous Modern Outdoor Dining Chairs

Walker Edison chairs are beautifully crafted. Some people aren’t looking for a lounging chair or one with overly thick cushions. They want something firm that will provide them with adequate support. Comfortable but not excessive. This chair is for them.

Modern Outdoor Dining Chairs

It is neither too low nor too high to the ground, and it is made of firm but comfortable acacia wood, which has the added benefit of being weather resistant. Cushions are included, but they are not as thick as those found in other sets, which isn’t necessarily a disadvantage of this set.

Many people dislike overly thick cushions and prefer something firmer to sit on. Thick cushions can also fail to stay put on chairs, which should not be an issue with this chair due to the thickness of its cushions. You will also have no problems because of the handy cushion straps included, which allow you to tie it to your chair.

Materials to Consider Before Purchasing Oceanfront Outdoor Furniture

Best Outdoor Furniture Material
Credit – Vevano Home

Cast Aluminum

Our top pick, cast aluminum, is mentioned above, but the reason it is the top pick is because of its overall durability. It is a long-lasting material because it does not rust but rather corrodes. Furthermore, the heavyweight is much better against the wind, which means you’ll be less likely to find your patio furniture in your neighbor’s yard or the ocean.

Note: Regular aluminum is still an excellent choice for oceanfront living. However, as with any metal, it will retain heat, so avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Aside from its saltwater resistance, it is a strong metal that will withstand other types of weather. Living near the water causes sun damage because your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, which can ruin outdoor furniture. The best thing about cast aluminum is that it is resistant to sun fade and heat.

Cast aluminum does not conduct heat as well as other metals, which is critical for outdoor waterfront furniture. You don’t want to get a sunburn from sitting on a piece of furniture, do you?

Unsurprisingly, aluminum is a popular material for outdoor furniture. Aluminum furniture is cheap and available in a wide range of styles and shapes. It is a long-lasting metal that requires little maintenance and is resistant to most weather conditions. Remember that if it is not cast aluminum, it will require more maintenance!


Outdoor furniture made of plastic is becoming increasingly popular. The durability is extremely high and is unlikely to be harmed by natural weathering. It competes with cast aluminum and even wins in some situations, in our opinion.

High-Density Polyethylene, also known as HDPE, is an excellent choice of plastic. Recycled plastics, such as milk jugs, are used to make many HDPE products. This makes it an excellent eco-friendly plastic option that is resistant to all types of weather.

POLYWOOD is a popular material for outdoor furniture because it is made from recycled plastic and will last a lifetime. If you live on the water, I highly recommend it because this material is designed to withstand this type of weather. It is also heavier than other plastics, making it ideal for windy areas.

Other types of plastic furniture can also be excellent choices, but avoid cheap plastics that crack and fade quickly.


Outdoor oceanfront homes made of wood can be a great option, but make sure you choose the right type and protect it properly. Water will seep into wood that is not waterproof, and when saltwater enters the wood and dries out, the crystals can crack the wood from the inside out.

Teak is the best wood to use for outdoor furniture. When looking to make a purchase, teak wood is more popular and easier to find. Many boat decks are made of teak wood, which is proof that they can withstand salty encounters. Other woods are available, but teak is the most commonly used for outdoor furniture.

Additional Materials

Several other materials will withstand harsh waterfront weathering, but they will not compare to cast aluminum and plastics. Many metals with chips in their outer coatings will rust quickly. When selecting metal, try to select one that does not rust, such as cast aluminum.

To prevent rust damage, cover chipped metals with the appropriate coating.

Other metals may not be popular for building furniture, but they are an option. Galvanized steel is a type of steel that has been hot-dipped in a thin layer of zinc to prevent rust and oxidation.

What are the conditions like near the ocean?

Although you are unlikely to have to prepare for a winter frost at the beach, numerous elements can warp or degrade your outdoor furniture. Moisture and humidity, intense sun, and salty sea air are the main weather concerns at a beach house. Because of wet bodies and ocean waves, your furniture will always be wet. In addition, direct sunlight during the day will overheat materials and fade the lumber.

Every beach house is in a different location, so you should supplement your research with information about your specific location. When shopping for beach house furniture, the most important considerations are sun resistance, water resistance, and heat absorption.

Other methods of protecting your oceanfront property furniture?

There are several ways to protect your outdoor furniture from signs of wear and damage, regardless of the material you choose.

  1. Clean: Wiping down outdoor furniture regularly removes dirt and debris that can stain and degrade the furniture. You can also give it a thorough cleaning with biodegradable soap and a scrub brush or sponge.
  2. Store: When not in use, it is always a good idea to store outdoor furniture indoors during the off-season. You can also bring it inside to keep it safe from rain and direct sunlight. If you don’t want or are unable to move your furniture to an indoor or covered area, use furniture covers to protect your outdoor furniture and fabrics from the elements.
  3. Protect: Use a sealer and protectant on your outdoor furniture to protect it from water damage, salt air, intense sun exposure and dehydration, and general wear and tear. Apply a sealer to the hard surfaces of your furniture regularly. To keep everyone who uses the furniture and the environment safe, use a non-toxic, odor-free, and VOC-free sealant. A multi-purpose sealer can be used to restore chalky-looking plastic, keep wood from absorbing too much water, and keep rust from forming on metal surfaces.

The Final Verdict

After testing all these products, we came up with our top pick. We picked Polywood Nautical Arms Chaise as our top pick because of its material, and ability to last a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Teak resists rain and humidity due to its natural oils, making it an excellent choice for wet environments. Teak is extremely durable in hot environments and will not absorb sunlight and overheat. Its natural wood appearance adds a rustic and cozy feel to the patio of your beach house.
Aluminum and steel are the most commonly used metals for modern outdoor patio furniture these days. Aluminum is extremely versatile and can be extruded or cast into any shape or design. Because of its light weight and durability, it is an appealing option for outdoor furniture.
Is it okay to leave patio furniture out in the rain without a cover? Technically, you can, but if you anticipate heavy rains, you should use a cover to reduce the risk of rust and to avoid overly soaked outdoor cushions. 6. Make some shade.
They are perfectly fine. The covers are water resistant rather than waterproof. Mildew will grow if the insides become wet.


It is difficult to select furniture for oceanfront living. Purchasing high-quality patio furniture is the first step toward ensuring its longevity. Beachfront homeowners who follow these considerations and tips will be able to enjoy their patio furniture year after year. That is why we have put together an informative article that not only explains what materials are best but also provides you with outdoor options to choose from.

These suggestions also include helpful hints for purchasing furniture now or in the future. These tips are essential to know whether you are looking for something today or in the future.

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