The Best Egg Slicer America’s Test Kitchen


Incredibly, there are nearly as many kitchen gadgets on the market as there are recipes. But with so much choice, how do you know which one to buy? And even more importantly, what’s the best egg slicer for your needs?

The Best Egg Slicer America’s Test Kitchen

Don’t worry, help is at hand. We’ve put together a list of the five best egg slicers on the market, based on our findings and reviews from users and experts alike.

This article also includes detailed reviews of the top five egg slicers from America’s Test Kitchen, as well as our recommendations. Nonetheless, you can thoroughly understand the factors to consider when selecting a suitable egg slicer or types of egg slicer.

What to look for in an egg slicer?

What to look for in an egg slicer
What to look for in an egg slicer?

Cutting strength

Cutting strength is primarily determined by the manufactured material. Metal-bodied egg slicers are more durable and provide smoother slicing and cutting attempts. Plastic slicers, on the other hand, can withstand gentle pressure and are only suitable for boiled eggs and soft products.


Cast aluminum or plastic are commonly used to make egg slicers. Egg slicers made of cast aluminum outperform those made of plastic. Cast aluminum provides a strong design and a heavy cut. Hard plastic models, on the other hand, are more lightweight. They are simple to clean, convenient, and small. A few models are made of chrome-plated zinc to add flexibility and a sleek appearance.

Dishwasher-friendly or not

When purchasing an egg slicer, keep the dishwasher’s friendliness in mind. Some egg slicers can be cleaned in the dishwasher, while others must be washed by hand. These hand-wash-only egg slicers are always available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These features make dishwashers incapable of cleaning them. You should never reuse a dirty tool that has been contaminated with rotten eggs. As a result, it is critical to decide which cleaning methods you can use before purchasing a suitable design for your kitchen.


Egg slicers are also available in a variety of sizes. Before purchasing a new egg slicer, consider the size of the eggs you frequently use. You should also consider your storage options.

Because egg cutters are lightweight tools, their sizes are not something that most people consider. Ultimately, the size you choose will be determined by the features you require from the tool.

Best Egg Slicer of 2023

Browse through our selection of the best 5 egg slicers.

OXO Good Grips Egg Slicer

The OXO Good Grip egg slicer can provide clean cuts for hard-boiled eggs. This slicer has an ergonomic handle that makes cutting very easy. This chopper is also very fast and easy to use. All you have to do is place the egg on the surface and pull the handle down firmly.

OXO Good Grips

This model’s dual-chamber design includes parts for slicing eggs into even wedges. You don’t have to worry about rusting because it’s made of stainless steel. The cost of adding this egg slicer to your kitchen drawers is reasonable.

Reason To Buy (PROS) A reasonable price, High safety, Dishwasher-safe

Reason Not to Buy (CONS): There is no way to chop or dice eggs.

Westmark Germany’s Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer

The German brand’s stainless steel wire egg cutter has a clever design. You’ll love this cooking tool because it cuts perfect slices on the first try. Notably, users identified the Westmark egg slicer as being stronger and faster than its competitors.

Westmark Germany Stainless Steel

Because of its stainless steel wires, you can be confident in the appliance’s durability and hygiene. This egg slicer is made of stainless steel and has an aluminum frame. These materials make cleaning by hand or dishwasher easier. The ergonomic handle is a plus for its design because it helps you with any kitchen task.

Reason To Buy (PROS): Superior materials, simple to use, five-year warranty, long-lasting design with hygiene metal

Reason Not to Buy (CONS): Too Pricey (High Price)

MSC International Egg Press/Slicers

The MSC International Joie Smashy Egg Press is an excellent choice for those who enjoy making egg salad or adding egg crumbles to dishes. Instead of manually slicing the eggs, this model smashes them into smaller and finer bits with a single easy press. When you use this innovative cooking utensil, you can save a lot of time and effort.

MSC International Egg Press

MSC International Joie egg press is rust-free because it is made of BPA-free plastic. Its material ensures hygiene while not introducing any toxins into your meal. You should hand-wash this utensil with water and soap.

Reason to Buy (PROS): Cute design, Cut eggs into small pieces.

Reason not to Buy (CONS): Difficult to clean the smashing cup, Hand wash only.

New Star Foodservice Egg Slicer, Mushroom Slicer

The New Star Foodservice egg slicer produces perfectly sliced eggs every time. The frame was made of strong aluminum, and the wires were made of stainless steel. These materials enable this slicer to produce perfect cuts.

New Star Foodservice Mushroom Slicer

This tool is also useful for soft fruits such as bananas, kiwis, and strawberries.

Reason to Buy (PROS): Clean, even slices with no bent wires

Reason not to Buy (CONS): Dishwasher not recommended.

Golden Cook Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer

The Golden Cook egg slicer is a simple solution for cutting hard-boiled eggs. The oval shape of the slicer’s cup allows you to cut the hard-boiled eggs into nice bits. The raised handle makes it very easy to lift and press down for precise cuts each time.

Golden Cook Stainless Steel

This design is small and lightweight. This slicer is made of stainless steel and long-lasting acrylic. As a result, they create the egg slicer’s long-lasting construction. This egg slicer is more than just a tool for slicing eggs. It can also be used to cut bananas, mushrooms, kiwis, and vegetables.

Reason to Buy (PROS): Simple to clean, A design with multiple applications

Reason not to Buy (CONS): Because of a plastic outer part, be less hygienic.

Final Verdict

You can choose the Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer, which comes from a well-known German brand, or the OXO Good Grips Egg Slicer, which is a good choice for your kitchen. It is dishwasher-safe and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A kitchen tool for cutting hardboiled eggs into uniform round slices. This kitchen tool is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel and has wire blades that slice through the egg while it rests in an oval pocket.
Mushrooms, Strawberries, Avocados, Bananas, Olives & Peaches.
Warm water, mild soap, and a soft, non-abrasive sponge should be used to clean aluminum products. To prevent limescale from forming, immediately and completely dry with a cloth/paper towel after washing.


It’s time to get your hands on the best egg slicer for your kitchen. To make your decision easier, we chose two of the five egg slicers mentioned above.

Happy Cooking!!!

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