17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love


If you are planning to install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, then you should definitely consider an L shaped outdoor kitchen.

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This type of kitchen is very versatile and can be adapted to any type of backyard. It is also a great option if you have a limited amount of space.

There are many benefits of having an L shaped outdoor kitchen. For instance, it offers a lot of counter space and also allows you to have multiple cooking and prep areas. It is also a great way to maximize your outdoor space.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your L shaped outdoor kitchen, then read on!

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

1. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces
Source: Houzz.com

If you’ve a large amount of space to work with, you might consider a U-shaped outdoor kitchen, but an L-shape can keep the open feel of an expansive patio, as seen in this modern Nyc landscape. You can easily entertain with so much space, and the exterior placement and shape of the outdoor kitchen do not break up the entertaining space.

The central fire pit and pizza oven are seamlessly integrated into the extended base, leaving plenty of room for an under-counter fridge and sink on the left and a grill on the right, as well as ample prep space in contrasting stone counter tops, most likely black granite. The back bar seating ensures that the cook is never lonely.

2. L-Shape Modern Plant Outdoor Kitchen

L-Shape Modern Plant Outdoor Kitchen
Source: rtaoutdoorliving.com

The aesthetic is what draws your attention here. The sleek, black plank finish is a showpiece in any contemporary home.

It has a refrigerator, a built-in grill, double access doors, and a pull-out trash can.

This design is ideal for small gatherings on a deck. Like an indoor kitchen… Everyone wants to hang out in an outdoor kitchen!

3. Outdoor/Indoor Transition

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, you might be interested in extending your interior kitchen to your outdoor space. Weather permitting, this modern, L-shaped kitchen provides a brilliant way to blur the lines between inside and out.

Although the kitchen is technically inside, the addition of accordion windows and walls allows the peninsula to flow seamlessly into the exterior bar seating. When the windows are fully opened, the kitchen space serves both the indoor and outdoor areas. The bright blue lower cabinetry complements the bright white upper cabinets, diamond pattern white tile backsplash, and UV-resistant Wicked White quartzite countertops.

4. L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen with Power Burner

L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen with Power Burner
Source: rtaoutdoorliving.com

The complete 304 stainless steel power burner is particularly noteworthy. This burner adds a lot of versatility to your outdoor cooking.

Yes, you can prepare side dishes as well as have a lobster boil. You are capable of much more! The power burner is well-suited to wok cooking. You can also buy a griddle attachment for breakfast with the family right outside. Anyone for pancakes?

This outdoor kitchen also has more storage space. You’ll notice the double drawers, which are ideal for storing utensils.

5. Fortress in the Dark

Fortress in the Dark
Source: Houzz.com

Some homeowners want their outdoor kitchen to be the focal point of the space, whereas others prefer an intimate, secluded retreat, as seen in this transitional outdoor kitchen.

Dark wood planks for the pavilion’s floor and ceiling create warm bookends supported by neutral columns. Metallic glazed natural stone pavers create an eye-catching foundation, which is balanced by thick, black granite countertops.

6. L-Shape Stacked Stone Outdoor Kitchen With Smoker

L-Shape Stacked Stone Outdoor Kitchen With Smoker
Source: rtaoutdoorliving.com

Want outdoor kitchen ideas designed specifically for the outdoor cooking enthusiast in you? This is the design!

This kitchen includes three cooking appliances… The Coyote grill, asado smoker, and double side burner.

It also has a refrigerator for easy access to cool drinks. Other features include double drawers, double access doors, and a trash pull out.

7. Take in the Sun

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love
Source: Houzz.com

Homeowners in the Northeast love to take advantage of the mild summer weather, and this traditional New York patio delivers with sun-soaked cooking space adjacent to a covered eating area.

The warm, natural stone of the kitchen base is mirrored in the nearby retaining wall and pavilion footers, while the dark stone countertop and bar top, which appears to be Black Galaxy or another dark granite, provides subtle contrast.

8. Modern Wonder

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

You may have difficulty matching your outdoor kitchen to modern architecture, but if you stick to clean lines, a simple design, and a neutral color palette, you can create a stunning exterior kitchen that perfectly complements your style.

This small, contemporary patio space is an excellent example, thanks to a minimalist approach that includes a stucco base in a sandy shade that blends seamlessly with the building exterior, topped by an honed black granite countertop that complements, rather than competes with, the modern architecture and landscaping.

9. Traditional Appeal

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

When planning an outdoor kitchen upgrade or addition, there are several factors to consider, ranging from location on the property to square footage to included amenities.

You should also consider matching the upgrade to the existing architecture of your home (so the addition doesn’t scream new construction) and using natural building materials that blend in with the landscape.

10. Outdoor Kitchen With Bar Seating

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

This stacked stone L-shape is ideal for families looking for an outdoor dining area… And I don’t have much room to do it!

In aspects of appliances, nothing here is out of the ordinary. Simply put, this grill, refrigerator, and storage unit is fantastic.

This design is ideal for families who want to spend more time together outside. Because, after all…. Isn’t that the point of an outdoor kitchen?

11. Small L-Shape with built-in Sink

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

Create the most out of your available space! Even if you don’t have a large backyard… That doesn’t preclude you from having an L-shaped outdoor kitchen. This design is unquestionably among the best small outdoor kitchen ideas.

In a small kitchen, a shorter grill island paired with a longer bar island can be the ideal compromise. Including the sink… There’s plenty of room on the countertop for drinks and plates.

12. Mini Pizza Oven In L-Shape

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

This model is the pinnacle of outdoor cooking and entertaining.

This custom outdoor kitchen design is where it’s at if you want outdoor kitchen ideas that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

It has a grill, a double side burner, a mini pizza oven, and a refreshment center.

This isn’t just any ordinary sink, my friends! A drop-in cooler and cutting board are included. So you can prepare some fresh lemons and limes. Then, in the drop in cooler, keep them cool alongside other beverages. There’s also a towel hook on the side to keep your hands clean and dry!

13. Simple Charcoal L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor dining kitchen design is ideal for those who prefer to keep things simple.

It only has a charcoal grill, a storage drawer, and a pull-out trash/recycle bin.

If you want that traditional smoky flavor, use a charcoal grill. In terms of taste… It doesn’t get any better than this!

And as for cleanup… The pull out trash and recycle bin is just what you need to keep your backyard tidy.

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14. Large L-Shape with Fire Pit

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

Outdoor kitchen ideas like this one turn your backyard into a summer hangout. There is nothing better than an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit!

This outdoor kitchen has a grill, power burner, refrigerator, pull out trash, and access doors as features.

There’s also a large outdoor countertop with a bar corner unit and plenty of space for guests to congregate.

And after dinner, Gather your friends and family around the fire pit!

15. Outdoor Stacked Stone L-Shape Kitchen With Pizza Oven

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

The stainless grill and wood-fired pizza oven have something for everyone.

Don’t feel like eating burgers and hot dogs? Turn on the pizza oven!

You’ll also notice a fridge and a drop in cooler. This provides additional capacity to ensure that you, as the host, never run out of cool beverages!

16. Step-Down Stone Outdoor Kitchen

17 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'll Love

Your outdoor kitchen can function as an extension of your home. It can be reached via the stairs leading to the house’s front corridor. As implied by the name, one must descend the stairs to enter your out-of-door kitchen.

It can have a grill, Gomorrah, a refrigerator, and a countertop. You can also add décor with erected seats and potted shops. Your lighting can take the form of lights cheering on the view of the terrain. Travertine pavers laid in a herringbone pattern can be extended to the remaining outdoor areas.

17. Black L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

Black L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen
Source: outdoorkitchenco.co.uk

Based on an aluminum frame design with a “Single Structure” and two adjoining worktops, this kitchen accommodates multiple cooking, preparation, and social spaces to meet your needs.

The kitchen has two separate work surfaces for food preparation on either side of a dropped shelf for a Kamado grill. The kitchen also has room for a wood-fired pizza oven, and you can choose between a Blastcool Extremis outdoor fridge with a glass or stainless steel front, or shelves throughout.

This kitchen includes a bar area for socializing and food preparation, making your garden a social focal point.


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In conclusion, the L shaped outdoor kitchen is a great way to maximize your outdoor space. It is perfect for entertaining and can be customized to your specific needs. If you are thinking about adding an L shaped outdoor kitchen to your home, be sure to check out these ideas. And don’t forget to leave a comment and share this article with your friends.

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