20 Outdoor Kitchens With Pizza Oven Ideas


Add a pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen to crank up the heat if you prefer outdoor entertaining and cooking a feast for your guests.

Outdoor Kitchens With Pizza Oven Ideas
20 Outdoor Kitchens With Pizza Oven Ideas

These fantastic cookers, despite being well-known for making pizza, can also be used to grill, roast, smoke, barbeque, and even bake some freshly made pies and bread!

You may want to hire a contractor, build your own from scratch, or buy a kit that has most of the hard work already done if you want to build an outdoor pizza oven in your backyard. If you decided to do it yourself, you will appreciate the results when your cool outdoor pizza oven serves as the centerpiece of your backyard. as well as some delectable pizza to eat with loved ones and friends!

Although you could bake, broil, or grill your pizza inside, the beautiful outdoors is far more enjoyable! In some amazing and creative outdoor kitchen designs, we have prepared a huge collection of 20 outdoor / backyard kitchen ideas that include pizza ovens.

20 Outdoor/ Backyard Kitchens With Pizza Oven Ideas

#1. Brick Fireplace & Stainless Oven Pizza

Brick Fireplace & Stainless Oven Pizza
Source: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

The Hybrid Fire Grill is the focal point of this compact outdoor kitchen. Weather-tight cabinetry was built into the masonry for storage, and an Artisan Fire Pizza Oven sits atop the countertop and allows the you to cook restaurant quality Neapolitan style pizzas in your own backyard.

#2 Outdoor Kitchen with Granite and Marble

Outdoor Kitchen with Granite and Marble

Using marble and granite, this outdoor kitchen is well-built. The modular Premio is at the heart of the design, surrounded by beautiful natural stones that are also incredibly durable. With all the amenities to make meal preparation simple, this outdoor kitchen looks fantastic.

#3. Outdoor Pizza Oven Fireplace

Outdoor Pizza Oven Fireplace
Image @ Paradise Restored.com

The three-tiered design of this exquisite outdoor fireplace gives it a unique appearance.

The fireplace is a cleverly combined element with a wood box and a pizza oven. It is clear that this wonderful combination is a specially created item, and that Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design created it.

There is a great addition of seating space on either side of the hearth. However, it’s clear from this image that the owners placed a beautiful pot on the hearth.

The fireplace and the pizza oven are right next to each other. Above the firebox, it is. This prevents the fireplace from heating the pizza oven. Instead, it uses wood as its own fuel, just like a fireplace. A woodbox is a great addition to this combination because both the oven and the fireplace require a lot of wood.

#4. Fireplace and a brick oven for pizza

Fireplace and a brick oven for pizza
Image @ Kitchen Designs by Debra

Bucks County Blend is the name of the stone used in the oven and fireplace. The side burners and the grill both lack a vent. Given that this area is transparent on all sides, it was essential. If the wind is causing the smoke to blow in into the seated area, you can activate the ceiling fan. The pizza oven is rather close to the roofline, so a standing seam roof was chosen. The manufacturer of the patio furniture is Kingsley & Bates. Slate stone is used to make the floor. No sealer is present. The patio measures 16′ x 17′ 9″ in size.

#5.Rustic, Walled Outdoor Kitchen That Faces the Front

Rustic, Walled Outdoor Kitchen That Faces the Front

Beautiful natural stone was used in the design of this front-facing patio kitchen. With a handy wood store, the oven enclosure itself looks fantastic. This outdoor kitchen surely make summer days enjoyable!

#6. Outdoor Garden Space

Outdoor Garden Space

It’s wonderful that the pizza oven merges in somewhat with the exterior’s natural stucco and stone fascia because this gorgeous enclosed garden space seems lush and verdant. Forno Bravo is a great supporter of rustic styles, so we like how well this Premio oven kit fits in with the patio area.

#7. Corner Wood-fired Pizza Oven and Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

Corner Wood-fired Pizza Oven and Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

In this classic patio, the fireplace and the pizza oven are separate. The two of them are actually not at all related. The homeowners and the architect chose to employ a chiminea, a freestanding, front-loading fireplace.

Using a chiminea to create flames that are directed up and out of the chiminea’s design is not particularly common. In comparison to a fire pit or a fireplace, the chiminea provides a more regulated burn in this way. You and your visitors may just unwind while not having to worry about out-of-control situations.

Basically, it’s a straightforward oven mounted on a modular wall block. There are more stone oven surrounds than this one, but they don’t cook any better, according to the designer.

#8. Outdoor Pizza Bench Oven

Outdoor Pizza Bench Oven

With its white-domed pizza oven and unique, creative tile design, this small arrangement looks lovely. The Argentinian grill is a fantastic addition to the kitchen as a cooking equipment.

#9. Sand Outdoor Kitchen With Mosaic

Sand Outdoor Kitchen With Mosaic

In the sun, this outdoor kitchen appears hot. The kitchen’s sand hue blends in with the general design of the room, and the delicate mosaic accent adds a sense of refined rusticity. Additionally, the workstation area is big and ideal for large gatherings and events.

#10. Elegant Outdoor Patio in Tuscan Style

Elegant Outdoor Patio in Tuscan Style

A sculpture of the Kahana Mouth was incorporated into the stone front of this distinctive pizza oven. The outdoor dining set was purchased from Cast Classics.

#11. Wood-Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven

Wood-Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven

This DIY pizza oven were produced by Pizza Oven Supplies. The pizza oven kit for the Milan 750 is this one. A dome, an aperture, a chimney, reinforcement, a kiln blanket, an aluminum vapor barrier, and chicken wire are all included.

#12.Trellis-Enclosed Traditional Patio with an Outdoor Fireplace and a Built-in Pizza Oven.

20 Outdoor Kitchens With Pizza Oven Ideas

Large granite rocks that hang over the sides decorate this conventional paver patio. Your entrance into the space with the fireplace and pizza oven is invited by the boulders. There is a raised hearth in the fireplace. The homeowners also used that area below the hearth to store wood. What a clever approach to make the space more efficient!

Installed directly on top of the fireplace is the handmade pizza oven. Bricks are used to construct both the half-circle and the fireplace as a whole. It is evident that the fireplace is used to heat the oven.

We can see that a trellis built by regional artisans surrounds the fireplace area. The trellis’ rustic and country-style appearance is enhanced by the use of unpainted and untreated logs. What a perfect illustration of a classic patio.

#13. Slate Stacked Outside Oven

Slate Stacked Outside Oven

This rustic-looking outdoor pizza oven fits neatly in the corner of this outdoor kitchen and has a finish made of enormous slate slabs. It also has a generous wood storage area. It makes a strong statement.

#14. Miniature Countertop Oven

Miniature Countertop Oven

This little pizza oven works perfectly with this outdoor cooking arrangement. The enclosed oven is well protected from the elements due to its enclosed design made of natural stone and specially crafted metal roof.

#15. A Farmhouse Patio

A Farmhouse Patio
Image @ Maverick Landscaping

A pizza oven, a fireplace, a stove, two grills, and a sink are all included in an outdoor kitchen. Cottonwood Limestone was used for the counter top. A local craftsman used Western Red Cedar to create the table and bench to his specifications.

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#16. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

There is a pizza oven, an eating area, and lots of space for relaxing in this shady outdoor entertaining area. The custom-designed dining table featured reclaimed wood and steel legs mounted on movable casters. The furniture is by Tolix. Dry-stacked stone walls were used to enclose the pizza oven in a hillside.

#17. Beautiful Tiled Outdoor Pizza Oven

Beautiful Tiled Outdoor Pizza Oven

This tropical mosaic design combines Santorini sun with Napolese wood fired cooking! The white dome stands out against the bright blue tiles. A beautiful oven in a beautiful setting!

#18. Garden in the Mediterranean

Garden in the Mediterranean

This outdoor kitchen is ideal for hosting family and friends. With the warmth of a fireplace and throws and blankets, incorporating a pergola into the design allows you to enjoy this outdoor space throughout the summer nights and even into autumn. A pizza oven and a grill will provide a variety of cooking options.

#19. Natural Stone Curved Outdoor Kitchen

Natural Stone Curved Outdoor Kitchen

Rather than straight or L-shaped counters, this beautiful, curvaceous worktop complements a natural stone Forno Bravo oven. The light stonerally pops, but it complements the sand-colored tiling on the counters and floor nicely.

#20. Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

This lovely outdoor fireplace comes with a BBQ grill and a pizza oven. The stone surrounds on the fireplace make it look grand. It has a chimney on top and a raised hearth that is used as display.

Because there are two wood boxes here, it is obvious that the firewood on the right side is for the oven, while the firewood on the left is for the fireplace.

This magnificent fireplace with an integrated pizza oven and BBQ grill is clearly a custom-built and custom-made product. This stone outdoor kitchen set is ideal for a mountain-style patio.

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If you’re looking for ideas for your own outdoor kitchen, here are 20 great examples of outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens. From traditional brick ovens to modern metal tanks, there’s sure to be an inspiration for you. So whether you’re planning a complete kitchen redesign or just want to add a pizza oven to your existing setup, be sure to check out these examples for some great ideas. And don’t forget to share your own ideas

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