How To Clean Chalk Paint Furniture: An Easy Guide


Chalk paint furniture is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its unique look. But what many don’t realize is that chalk paint can be tricky to clean. If you’re not careful, you can easily damage the paint or even the furniture itself.

How To Clean Chalk Paint Furniture

In this blog post, we will explore how to clean chalk paint furniture. We’ll go over the best cleaners to use, how to avoid damage, and more. By the end, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to keep your furniture looking like new.

How Do I Clean A Chalk Painted Furniture / Surface

Idea 1

To clean chalk paint off a furniture, all you need is water and a scrub brush. Scrubbing the surface with a strong solution of warm water, detergent, and ammonia is the best way to begin cleaning chalk paint. After that, use a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture from the chalk paint. This process must be repeated until all of the chalk paint has been removed from the wooden surface.

Idea 2

Use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water or Clean-A-Finish to clean chalk painted surfaces. Once the surface is clean, wipe up any wet spots with a dry, soft cloth. If the surface appears dull after cleaning, apply Chalk-Tique Paste Wax to restore luster.

What to Avoid Using

Let us continue with a list of no-nos. These are items to avoid using when cleaning your chalk-painted furniture.

Chemical Cleaners That Are Harsh and Abrasive

To be honest, many commercial cleaners are too abrasive for cleaning chalk paint. Many of these cleaners contain agents that work similarly to vinegar and can cause more harm than good to your furniture. Before using your cleaners on your furniture, make sure to read the labels.


Vinegar is a staple in the cleaning routines of many people who prefer to go green with their cleaning products and avoid using chemicals. I mean, I use it on my kitchen and bathroom floors, so I’m not going to knock it. In fact, under normal circumstances, I am a big fan of vinegar.

But isn’t chalk paint out of the ordinary?

Even when concentrated, vinegar is a harsh cleaning agent that should not be used on certain surfaces. Anything covered or sealed with wax should not come into contact with vinegar unless you intend to remove the sealant.

In fact, the only time you should use vinegar with chalk paint is if you want to distress the paint. Otherwise, instead of cleaning your finished piece of furniture, you will be removing any sealant and potentially damaging the paint. So, vinegar is out when it comes to cleaning chalk paint.

Scrubbers and brushes with hard bristles

Anything with hard, scratch bristles is another item on our list of things to avoid when cleaning chalk paint. On many surfaces, chalk paint can flake or scratch easily. This is why it is popular among those who want to create vintage or shabby chic looks with their furniture.

As a result, any abrasive cleaning brush, such as those with wire bristles, should be avoided when cleaning chalk paint. If you use these harder brushes and scrubbers on your furniture, you risk stripping the wax and chipping away the paint. So, try to avoid exposing your finished pieces to anything that would necessitate more aggressive cleanings.

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Is Chalk Paint Washable?

Yes! Chalk paint is washable but It is determined by the type of chalk paint used and the method used to mix it. Some paints are not meant to be washed and should be used in conjunction with a sealant or wax after painting.

Does Chalk Paint Need To Be Sealed?

Overall, it is advised, if not encouraged, to seal chalk paint in some way, whether with wax, poly, or a high performance top coat.

How Can I Make My Chalk Paint Furniture Shiny?

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You need to apply wax or another finish after the paint dries. For a modern finish, I do not use clear wax. Waxing is a multi-step process, applying the wax and then later buffing the wax.

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Cleaning chalk paint furniture is easy with the right products and techniques. When choosing a cleaner, look for one that is specifically designed for chalk paint. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then rub it into the furniture in a circular motion. Be sure to rinse the furniture off with clean water and allow it to air dry. If you have any tips or tricks for cleaning chalk paint furniture, be sure to share them in the comments section

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