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Kitchen lighting ideas low ceiling for a bright and sunny atmosphere


Many people live in houses with low ceilings. In such cases, many questions arise regarding how to equip kitchen lighting ideas for the low ceiling.

Varieties of lighting for the kitchen

Before proceeding to the features of kitchen lighting ideas and low ceilings, you should determine the main types of kitchen light fixtures. The choice depends on the specific purpose. The first thing to note is the ambient lighting. It is designed to illuminate the entire space.

Another type is task lighting. It is equipped to solve a specific problem, namely, washing dishes or cutting food. There is another type of accent lighting.

It is appropriate to highlight a specific area of the room. Particularly noteworthy is decorative lighting, which helps to complement the design and fill the room with light.

Lighting options for a low-ceiling kitchen

If you have a low ceiling in your kitchen, then several lighting options are appropriate for you.

Ceiling fan for low ceiling

You can opt for low-profile luminaires. Visually, they make the space appear taller. There are ceiling fans in which lamps are recessed on the market.

They may differ in shape and silhouette, so finding the right option is not difficult.

In this case, you can combine several practical solutions at once. In addition to lighting fixtures, you have a fan that fills the room with coolness and helps quickly remove unpleasant odors.

Sensor hex light fixtures for low ceiling

Often such options are found in a modular style. This is a great solution for creating night lighting. If you like to drink water at night or have a snack, it is enough to run your hand along the wall to light up the room.

Minimum circular light for low ceiling

It’s also a good solution for the kitchen. The luminaire has a matte finish and slightly diffuses the light. This is the best solution to read a book or chat with friends.

It is recommended to install the lamp in the area where you rest. Such designs look stylish and versatile, and at the same time, they are durable.

Group LED lights for low ceiling

The proximity of large LED luminaires is allowed, which implies hidden installation. You can choose one color or choose different shades.

To direct the light downwards, choose options in the shape of a bell. At the same time, the light beautifully bounces off the wall, pleasantly illuminating the kitchen

Sconce for low ceiling

If the kitchen has a low ceiling, then it can be supplemented with sconces. It is recommended to place them on both sides of the table for lunch. This allows everyone to receive enough light. This is the best option if you are just starting with lighting.

Chandelier for low ceiling

If you have a small area with a dining table, you can hang a small chandelier over the table. It is better to choose modern models. This makes the space stylish and fills it with comfort.

Pendant light for low ceiling

A pendant light that resembles sculptures in shape helps make the kitchen tidier.

Try not to hang the pendant light low so that it doesn’t get in the way afterward. It is allowed to hang several lamps in a row. And then each pendant light can visually lengthen the room.

Transparent glass lanterns for low-ceiling

Such options are the best solution if you need to simulate a large space. It is better to choose them for those who have many windows in the kitchen. Glass models are best for kitchens with low ceilings.

Drum pendant lights

Pendant lamps that look like a drum are popular. They look best over a kitchen island. After that, you should build a few lamps around so that the design is smoother.

Hidden lights with backlight

A good option would be hidden lamps, which are complemented by lighting. Even one lamp is enough to illuminate the kitchen. It is better to opt for universal models so that you do not have to change the design every few years.

With their help, you can light up even the darkest kitchens. Many people prefer to choose models with faceted shades.


You should not stop the choice of only one lighting option. To illuminate a dark room, it is better to choose lamps that are located at different points and differ in design.

Thanks to this, there are no dark corners in the kitchen.

To enhance the effect, you can hang several lamps higher than eye level, regardless of the position (sitting or standing).

You can put the lamps on the table or mount them on the wall. Table lamps are also quite effective.

Crystal light for low ceiling

Crystal pendant lights look beautiful. This is the best solution for kitchens with low ceilings.

This visually expands the space and makes the kitchen more open. It is best to place several lamps in a row, above the kitchen island.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is also a good solution for kitchens with low ceilings. The ceiling light fixtures must be fixed so that they are evenly distributed.

They can be installed around the entire perimeter of the room. This makes the space collected. Thanks to the recessed lighting, the kitchen is brighter and an imitation of daylight is created.

This is the best solution when compared with seamless patterns. The effect of lights is created. Choose kits that are at least 4 inches in diameter.

This increases the size of the beam. You need to place them at intervals of 4 feet, using a grid.

Artistic lighting

Artistic lighting looks beautiful in a kitchen with low ceilings. It makes the room feel more festive and bright without the need to add rugs or small things.

The ambient light has an unusual shape and pattern. The space acquires the necessary zest, and all guests appreciate your imagination.

Such lighting fixtures look stylish and help create an atmosphere that resembles a museum. The ceiling does not hide under the rays of the sun. On the contrary, it looks unique and beautiful.

Correct position

It is very important to correctly position the lamps, especially if you prefer hanging models.

Backlights with smooth and rounded lines look great and do not take up much space. At the same time, the space does not look cluttered.

Low ceiling application

To do this, it is advisable to choose fixtures that create a contrast with the countertop or walls.

If the kitchen is done in white, pendant lights should be dark or chrome. Then the kitchen looks better.

The search for elegant and narrow lamps

Models that have the shape of a cone or line look beautiful. They visually enlarge the space. You can also mount them like cabinet lighting.

Therefore, the place on the ceiling does not be occupied. You just need to choose the right ambient light that looks perfect in space and reveals your style.

Pendant lights can be attached to furniture. They look beautiful over a table or a kitchen island. At the same time, no one crashed into them at the entrance to the kitchen.

Selection of dark tones

Almost all people prefer to use white in a room with a small area.

This helps make the space more open. However, dark shades should not be avoided. They look beautiful on walls or ceilings. The room seems cozier if you decorate it with dark blue lamps.

Floor lamp application

Refuse to use a floor lamp that looks down. Choose a floor lamp with diffused light, which is made in a translucent shade. A room with such a floor lamp seems more comfortable.

Creating an illusion

A combination of three pendant lights helps to visually make the ceilings high. You need to put them linearly, at different lengths. This creates a unique and modern design that looks great against the backdrop of the kitchen island.

Suspended spherical lamps

Hanging lamps, which are made in the form of a white sphere, look beautiful. This creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

You are comfortable reading, eating at the dining table, or talking with friends. You need to hang the lamp so that there is free passage.

Multi-directional pendant lamp

If you set the table in the corner, you should place a pendant lamp there, which is behind your back.

This allows you to well illuminate the interlocutors. In this case, the overview does not be closed during the conversation.

Metal accents

The recessed kitchen lights in the ceiling look good and have metal accents. They look perfect with a kitchen set. You can place a light fixture in a line to direct the light in the right direction.

Increasing the number of lamps on the wall

The idea of mounting numerous ceiling lights should be abandoned. They focus on the ceiling.

Therefore, it is better to choose models that are attached to the wall. The work should be done by an electrician to give symmetry.

Wall lamps can be mounted independently. However, in this case, you need models that have a special cord, made in a beautiful style.

Is it appropriate to hang pendant lights on low ceilings?

It makes sense to choose such options for a kitchen with low ceilings. However, you have to approach the issue with all your imagination.

The light fixture height should be 12-20 inches from the ceiling. If the ceilings are higher, you can add 3 inches for every foot from 8.

Hanging options would be appropriate in the corner where the seating area is located, or above the kitchen table. As already mentioned, artistic options can be applied to give zest.

You can find fixtures that have short extension cords. Their distance from the ceiling is only 2-3 cm.

They are made in the old style and imitate lanterns. They can be arranged in a row to provide concentrated illumination of the necessary kitchen areas.

The optimum height of pendant lights

If you’re trying to figure out how high to fix your ceiling lights, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. In the dining room, light fixtures should be mounted so that they are at a height of 28-32 from the countertop. This provides enough room for the head.

If the kitchen has an island, then there should be a distance of 28-35 inches from its surface to the light fixtures.

Such options are perfectly scattered light because almost all models are made of transparent glass. Choose designs that are made entirely of glass or have a thin frame.


When arranging a lighting system in a kitchen with low ceilings, people face numerous issues.

How do you light a kitchen with low ceilings?

The best solution would be to use floor lamps. They are a great replacement for pendant lights. You can place compact cabinet lighting, or dimly lit corners of the room so that the light moves throughout the space.

What is the best lighting for low ceilings?

If the ceilings in the kitchen are low, choose recessed lights. You can also use light fixtures that are as close to the ceiling as possible. In combination with recessed lighting and floor lamps, you get the perfect functionality of the space.

What type of lighting is best for a small kitchen?

For small kitchens, it is most practical to use cabinet lighting that is under the drawers. This makes the space more advantageous.
Countertops look brighter, and it is more convenient for you to cook. At the same time, in the evenings, the room has soft lighting.

What is the best lighting for a kitchen ceiling?

The ceiling is a place where its own ambient lighting is required. Therefore, the best option would be a model that has the shape of a dome. Recessed lighting in full or semi-flush mount lights looks beautiful. Only 1-2 semi-flush mount lights are enough to illuminate a compact kitchen.


As you can see, in a kitchen with low ceilings, different lighting options are appropriate. The choice depends on the layout of the space, as well as your preferences and possibilities.

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