How Many Solar Panels To Power A Mobile Home – Full Guide


Whether you call them tiny, manufactured, or mobile homes, they are in high demand right now. However, how many solar panels are required to power a mobile home?

How Many Solar Panels To Power A Mobile Home - Full Guide
How Many Solar Panels To Power A Mobile Home – Full Guide

When it comes to solar panels for mobile homes, there are a few things you need to take into account. The size of the home, location (solar irradiance), the type of installation you want, and your budget are all important factors.

In general, you’ll need around 300 watts of solar panels for every square foot of your home’s roof area. On average, this solar array can generate 4500 watts per day. This is enough for a 500 to 780-square-foot residence with basic appliances.

How Much Solar Power Is Required For A Mobile Home?

How Many Solar Panels To Power A Mobile Home - Full Guide
How Much Solar Power Is Required For A Mobile Home?

While the majority of energy-efficient mobile homes are between 500 and 800 square feet, electricity use varies greatly. This is how we arrived at the 4500 watts per day consumption figure, as well as the restrictions that apply.

A mobile home can use up to 4100 watts to 4500 watts per day, with cooling and heating accounting for 80% of that. This is a daily breakdown of power consumption.

But, assuming your home consumes 4000W-4500W per day, we’ll need to calculate how many solar panels you’ll need in the next section.

We propose 300 watts per panel if you already know how many solar panels you’ll need. It will take up too much room if it is any smaller. We recommend beginning with the ACOPOWER 300W Solar Panel Kit and expanding as needed. With a modular kit, you can easily add as many panels as you need.

Does A Solar Powered Mobile Home Need Batteries?

How Many Solar Panels To Power A Mobile Home - Full Guide
Does A Solar Powered Mobile Home Need Batteries?

Batteries aren’t required as part of a solar energy system. Your appliances will use whatever energy the solar panels generate during the day while there is sunlight if you don’t have it. However, if you want to use solar power at all hours of the day and night, you’ll need a battery. When the sun isn’t shining and the solar panels aren’t producing any electricity, you can use your batteries instead.

Can Solar Panels Be Installed On A Mobile Home?

The majority of people still assume that solar panels cannot be installed on mobile homes. The issue isn’t about energy usage or production, as seen above. Actually, by installing solar energy kits to balance your mobile home’s energy expenditures, you may save a lot of money on your utility bills.

Can Solar Panels Be Installed On A Mobile Home?
Can Solar Panels Be Installed On A Mobile Home?

Also, don’t be concerned about roof space. In comparison to a typical home, most mobile homes do have a smaller roof. However, because the average mobile home is over 1000 square feet, you won’t have any trouble installing a row or two of solar panel kits on top. Solar energy packages that cover 50 percent of your overall energy demand can help you save a lot of money.

Install Solar on Mobile Home

Keep an eye on your roof.

Remember that your roof must be solid enough to accommodate solar panels and other essential equipment, such as an inverter. A single solar panel is around 35 pounds in weight. There are also aluminum rails on which the panels are mounted, as well as connection points that are fastened to the roof size of your home. Don’t forget about the electrical conduits that safeguard the wires that flow to the breaker box, as well as the weight of the solar workers as they walk over the roof installing panels.

A 12-panel system increases the roof space by 420 pounds. Add in at least three 170-pound solar panel installers, at least two feet of snow in the winter, and the tremendous winds that pull up or down on the entire home’s roof during a snowstorm. Do you see why prefabricated house owners, as well as the installers, want a sturdy roof structure?

It’s important to remember that there’s a lot that goes into making sure a roof is suitable for solar panels. All necessary local construction codes must be followed by solar firms and contractors. They should also make sure that any property’s roof joists are strong enough to support the complete system’s weight.

The issue with most manufactured homes is that they typically have smaller roof joists than conventional homes. This means they can’t safely hold the weight of the installation. If you’ve got the right joist set-up, you could be well on your way to safely installing solar on your roof, but few mobile homes actually do.

Are There Any Other Options For Solar Panel Installation On A Mobile Home?

If you can’t install solar panels on your roof, that doesn’t mean you can’t use solar energy. Here are a few suggestions.

The very first alternative is to mount the panels on a nearby structure, such as a pergola, patio, or even a shed. You can connect these panels to your main house once they’ve been set up.

Consider a ground-mounted solar installation if your property is large enough. A structure is built where the solar panels can be mounted in a grounded configuration. It is the finest alternative to rooftop solar panels if your local building code allows it.

Please remember that ground-mounted solar panels are more expensive to install than rooftop panels. Because they are farther from the sun, their production is likewise lesser. However, if you want solar electricity for your mobile home, this is the most practical solution.

The Disadvantage Of Solar Panels On A Mobile Home

Let’s talk about why solar panels are a difficulty for mobile homes now that we’ve covered the basics. Most people install solar panels on the roof of conventional houses, buildings, or even a factory. That’s generally the greatest spot for ensuring the panels get the most sunshine throughout the day.

The Disadvantage Of Solar Panels On A Mobile Home
The Disadvantage Of Solar Panels On A Mobile Home

Some folks, on the other hand, choose to mount theirs on the ground. That’s great as long as there’s enough free space for them to do so.

Whenever it comes to mobile homes, placing solar panels on the vehicle’s top is difficult, if not dangerous. The roofs and structures of mobile homes are never designed to support a significant weight. Instead, they were created to keep the residents safe from the elements.

As you can see, mounting full-sized solar panels on the roof is rather dangerous. Keep in mind that each of those panels might weigh up to 40 pounds.

If you opt to incorporate a battery bank in your solar system, the weight issue becomes much more serious. Imagine being able to drive around with a trailer full of batteries. That will significantly reduce your fuel economy.

Don’t get disheartened just yet. Despite these obstacles, there are solutions. There are still four (4) different ways to install solar panels on your mobile home and get the advantages.

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Solar panels may be installed on mobile homes, however, residences that fit the standards are uncommon. Our best advice is to speak with a few local installers to find out what the local construction codes are and have them evaluate your roof joists and foundation to determine whether your house is ready for the task.

If you don’t have enough room on your roof to install solar, think about garages, patios, or even open spaces with enough space for a ground-mounted system.

Don’t forget about the cost-cutting initiatives! Whether you install solar or not, improving your home’s insulation and sealing air leaks will go a long way toward ensuring you use the least amount of energy possible!

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