How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home – Expert Guide


Living in a mobile home may appear romantic and thrilling – until winter arrives and you are confronted with a slew of home maintenance intricacies that you could never have imagined! This is why, for the majority of people, living in a trailer is more of a one-time adventure than a permanent way of life.

How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home
How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home

If you live in a mobile home, one of the most important things you can do is know how to unfreeze pipes when necessary. Because mobile homes are often located in colder climates, the freezing pipe is a common problem. If you can’t afford to call a plumber, here are some tips that might help:

How to Unfreeze Pipes in a Mobile Home Easily

How to Unfreeze Pipes in a Mobile Home Easily
How to Unfreeze Pipes in a Mobile Home Easily

There are various methods for thawing a frozen pipe once you’ve discovered it. Among the most prevalent approaches are:

  • Making Use of a Space Heater
  • Thaw the pipes with salt.
  • Use a regular hairdryer!
  • Making Use Of A Heat Gun
  • Wet towels might be useful as well.

Let us now explain how each of these solutions will operate on your frozen pipes; don’t call the maintenance personnel right away! You could still be able to tackle the matter on your own.

Making Use of a Space Heater

However, in other circumstances, applying a hairdryer or salt may be ineffective. For example, if you have a hole in your skirt that caused the freezing, or if you have a frozen water heater room, neither a heat gun nor salt would assist. The best you can do is utilize a battery-operated space warmer instead. When you use it to heat the area, it will be easier to determine whether or not anything can be thawed.
The only thing you must remember while working with a space heater is that it is a fire hazard, so keep an eye on it while it is in use!

Thaw the Pipes with Salt

How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home - Expert Guide
Thaw the Pipes with Salt

First and foremost, try using salt to melt the frozen pipes in your mobile home. You may be wondering how salt might aid. In truth, it’s all about physics. Because salt lowers the freezing point of ice, it can defrost your pipes far more successfully than more “aggressive” methods, such as heating.

All you have to do is throw some salt down the sink and wait for it to work. In some cases, this strategy will be safer and preferable to utilizing a heater!

Use a Regular Hair Dryer

How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home - Expert Guide
Use a Regular Hair Dryer

Yes, the Conair one on your desk will do nicely here. You may be shocked, but this equipment can work wonders on iced water pipes! Furthermore, there are three significant advantages to this technique that should be emphasized. Hairdryers are convenient because everyone has one, and they are extremely mild on pipes. Simply blow hot air there and you should be OK.

Make use of A Heat Gun

How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home - Expert Guide
Make use of a Heat Gun

Heat guns, such as those used in large building projects, are excellent. Keep the temperature between 125 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit and point it at the pipe to utilize it appropriately. Use a low setting to avoid damaging the pipe and causing it to explode.

Wet towels might be useful as well

Finally, there is another method that may aid in the thawing of frozen pipes beneath your mobile home. It may sound strange, but you will need to use…wet heated towels! I’m not sure where you can buy those if your pipes are frozen, however those who have tried it swear by it. What will you do with those towels?

Simply wrap them around your frozen pipe (or pipes) and wait for them to defrost.

However, while wrapping the towels over the pipes, make sure they are warm to the touch (this is critical!). Furthermore, you will need to replace the towels every ten minutes, so this strategy is unlikely to appeal to individuals who lack patience or time.

But, in fact, these are the main methods for defrosting the pipes beneath your mobile home that were too cold during the winter!

How to Locate Frozen Pipes in a Mobile Home

Frozen pipes really aren’t amusing in the least. This is why detecting them early on is critical for your subsequent activities. A frozen pipe can usually be identified visually or physically.

How to Unfreeze Pipes In a Mobile Home - Expert Guide
How to Locate Frozen Pipes in a Mobile Home

When doing so visually, look for any indications of pipe discoloration or frost on it. A properly working pipe will typically have no frosty or frosted deposit on its surface. It will also be color-coordinated.

How do you tell which pipe is frozen? So, give it a try! If you tap it with a wrench and it feels chilly and/or sounds “thick,” she is the girl to fix it.

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How Can Frozen Pipes Be Prevented In A Mobile Home?

In this case, an effective control system is better than a cure, and there’s only so much you can do. The only thing you need truly concentrate on is keeping heat locked inside any area where water is moving. It is critical to winterize your mobile home. As a result, you should perform the following:

  • Check that the skirt and the water heating room are both draft-free. There are no holes, and no extra components protruding… It is sufficient to just insulate. You want to avoid any holes or openings that could allow chilly air to enter your plumbing area. The better off you’ll be in the winter if your region is well-insulated.
  • Prepare a backup plan in the event of a catastrophic winter freezeout. There will be times when insulation and a skirt will not suffice to protect your mobile home’s water system. If you’re expecting a winter storm with temperatures in the negative ’20s, you should prepare a backup plan.
  • Maintain the condition of your plumbing. This involves things like replacing heat tape as needed and ensuring the neighboring HVAC systems are in good working order. In any case, a poorly maintained pipe will cause more problems than just freezing.
  • Increase the heat. Hot air from your HVAC system can easily be converted into a heat source for your water. By turning up the heat upstairs, you make it easier for your pipes to stay in good working order. Most winters, keeping your home around 80 degrees should suffice.
  • Wrap troublesome pipes in insulation. If you know you have a pipe that always freezes, installing some insulation to keep it warm before the next storm can be a good idea. We recommend using foam, fiberglass, or any other approved item you can locate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A plumber will normally charge roughly 280 dollars to thaw a pipe and repair a leak if the line has frozen and cracked.
Keeping your mobile home warm is similar to keeping other homes warm in many ways. Weatherstripping your windows and doors, purchasing thermal drapes, making full use of your home's heating system, and using area rugs to assist decrease drafts are all helpful ideas.
To see pipes freeze up in a mobile house, it has to be really chilly outside. When the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, plumbing in most mobile homes begins to freeze. Homes that are built with a lot of insulation can withstand much colder temperatures before they start to freeze.
Pipes in mobile homes are far more likely to freeze than pipes in a regular house or apartment complex. The explanation for this is straightforward. The majority of plumbing in most typical homes is installed underground or in naturally insulated regions. The pipes in a normal mobile house are usually above ground, with only a skirt covering them. It's simple for a draft to get in.
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