How To Install Flush-Mounted Lights In Your Home: A Step-By-Step Guide


With little effort, you can give your home a new look. It takes roughly 30 minutes to install flush-mounted lights. Let’s see How to install flush-mounted luminaires.

How To Install Flush-Mounted Lights In Your Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

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It’s simple to replace a ceiling fixture. The hardware from the previous fixture can often be reused, and the new fixture normally comes with all of the necessary hardware.

Before you begin, compare the wattage of the new fixture to that of the old one to ensure that it produces the desired amount of light. Use a medallion or a fixture with a canopy large enough to cover any faults in the ceiling.

Check for defective wiring as well

Также проверьте неисправность проводки. Перегретые провода в потолочной коробке могут иметь поврежденную или ломкую изоляцию. Перед установкой нового светильника убедитесь, что он находится в хорошем рабочем состоянии.

Если возможно, заземлите новый прибор. Подсоедините заземляющий провод прибора к коробке и к заземляющему проводу дома, если он помещается в металлическую коробку. Проверьте местные строительные нормы и правила.

If the hardware is in good working order

If the hardware is in good working order, removing a flush-mounted light fixture and replacing it should take about 30 minutes. Spread a drop cloth on the floor below and set up a stable, non-conductive ladder to prepare for the endeavor.

What you need


  • Screwdriver
  • Strippers
  • Voltage tester
  • Side cutters
  • Nonconductive ladder


  • Replacement fixture
  • Wire nuts
  • Electrician’s tape

What steps to take? how to install a recessed luminaire

How To Install Flush-Mounted Lights In Your Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Remove the fixture after turning off the power.

Turn off the circuit’s electricity. Open up the light fixture. Pull the fixture down by the nut or screws that are holding it to the box. Remove the wire nuts and check the box for power. Remove the fixture by pulling the leads from the home wires.

Step 2: Attach New Strap

Remove the current mounting hardware and attach a new strap to the box if it does not fit the new fixture or if it does not have a grounding screw.

Step 3: Connecting the Wires

While working, use a wire coat hanger to support a hefty fixture. The ground wire should be connected. Connect the white lead to the white wire and the black lead to the black wire. Using the electrician’s tape, wrap the wire nuts. Even though the insulation is in the way, don’t remove it; it’s a safety feature.

Step 4: Screws should be tightened.

Fold the wires into the box and close it. Begin by tightening one mounting screw, then the other. Attach the screws to the box if the fixture has keyhole-shaped screw holes; slip the fixture over the large holes. Tighten the screws after rotating the canopy so they fit into the smaller slots.

Step 5: Attach Globe

The globe’s setscrews may already be in the base or will need to be inserted. Hand-tighten all the setscrews uniformly after pushing the globe to elevate the lip above all of them.

Советы how to install flush mount light

Purchase a medallion if the new canopy isn’t large enough to cover holes or unpainted areas of the ceiling, or if you simply want to add a decorative touch. While wiring the fixture, keep it against the ceiling. Check that the medallion is centered before tightening the canopy. Now you know how to install a flush-mounted luminaire.

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