How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting The Wall (7 Easy Steps)


Ever wondered how to hide your TV wires without cutting the wall?. Today we will show you how to hide tv wires without cutting the wall in this article.

How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting Wall

Cable concealment can be challenging and time-consuming, but it can prevent an unsightly mess of wires from cluttering a room or an installation that necessitates drilling holes in your wall. Cables are essential to any audio virtual setup.

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2 hrs




  1. Cable Channel


Here is a list of all the tools we’ll be working with:

  1. Pencil

  2. Level

  3. Paintbrush

  4. Sharp Scissors or a Utility Knife.

Finding stylish solutions to hide the computer cables, HDMIs, Wi-Fi routers, and chargers that the majority of us use on a daily basis can be challenging. This is crucial for those who use their bedrooms or living rooms for home offices. Fortunately, we've compiled a list and tutorial of fantastic suggestions for hiding cables/wires and other electronic clutter. You don't have to be an electrician to hide the wires from the television successfully.

How to Hide TV Wires with Cable Channel


Select the Appropriate Location of Your Installation

We are going to start our installation under the television. However, every installation will be different. Some may require the use of a 90-degree or wiring adapter where appropriate.


Measure the distance from the TV to the component

To begin, first measure the distance that needs to be covered from the TV to the component. Each section of the cable channel is 16 inches in length. The multi-sections can be cut or trimmed to different lengths of meters.


Installing Cable Channel

  1. Grab one of the cable channel sections to be installed, remove the top cover, and ensure that there is a level on the wall.
  2. Once you have selected the location and ensured that it is level on the wall, remove the cover on the back of the cable channel to expose its adhesive and firmly press it onto the wall. You may also use the included drywall screws to add reinforcement if desired.
  3. After applying the first section, begin adding each additional cable channel as needed, and ensure that each piece is level on the wall before reaching the power outlet.

Note: Every installation may vary.


Cable Management

  1. After installing the cable channel on the wall, it is now time for cable management, pass all the wire through the cable channel till it reaches the power outlet.

Note: Installing power cable and low voltage cables near one another, inductance and electrical problems may occur, to prevent this, purchase a cable channel that has separate channels for different cables.


Replace Front Covers

Snap covers back into place by gently sliding them (products may vary).



So, after you have replaced each of the front covers on each cable channel by snapping them back into place, your cables are all properly routed and connected to your devices.

We can begin painting the cable channel to match your decor. 


Step Back And Admire Your Work

Hide TV Wires Final Result

5 Creative Ways to Hide TV Cables Without Cutting the Wall.

Use TV Stands

The back of certain TV stands is exposed. Use it. Place your stand against the wall and keep any TV cords out of sight. If your stand does not have an open back, you can drill a hole through which wires can travel. This is the most inefficient method, but it has been utilized for years by homes with no other option.

Hide TV Wires with TV Stands

TV stands exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with each model built to handle a certain type of television. You can choose from a variety of flat-screen TV stands that come with attractive methods to hide TV wires without cutting wall for your flat-screen television. TV stands for LEDs, OLEDs, and other types of televisions are also available.

Use Artificial Plants

Another way to hide your profusion of wires and TV connections is to use fake vegetation. There is no need for irrigation or maintenance. There is no need for maintenance. They're absolutely fabricated.

Hide TV Wires with Artificial Plants

They do, however, give your TV stand a distinct appearance. Greenery adds life and creates a great foreground behind which you can easily blend in your wires.

Use Fabrics

This is a bit complicated since if done incorrectly, it might result in a severe fire hazard. Select a fabric that complements the color of your walls. A contrasting color can be highly fashionable. Install the cloth in a broad strip from ceiling to floor.

You may use a wood frame to position and hold the fabric in place. Cut a hole in the fabric about the size of a TV and run your cords down the length.

Use Panels

If you're handy with tools, you may erect a panel to conceal the cables that hang from your TV. Boards come in a variety of sizes and styles. You might select one with a stunning pattern or one that is basic.

Can't seem to discover a pattern you like? Not a problem! Finish by covering the panel or board with fabric. You can also paint it to match the wall or select a design that draws attention to the TV. If you don't want to spend money on a panel and cloth, you can disguise the wires with plywood. For a rustic or farmhouse vibe, paint the foil board or leave it unpainted.

Use Cables Channel

If your TV is on a stand, you can hide the cords with a cable channel kit without cutting into the walls. This sort of gutter typically has an adhesive backing that allows you to adhere to the wall without damaging it. Before you put the cover on, you'll be able to hide your TV cords and other cables within.

You can also add or remove cables using a conduit. However, this may require some or all of the wires to travel a greater distance, necessitating the replacement of your current cables with longer ones. The advantage of this form of gutter is that it is usually made of plastic and can be readily trimmed to the desired size.

How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting the Wall (Video)

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Hopefully, this post has given you more than a few options that you can use to conceal those obnoxious TV cords. You will be able to come up with many more similar solutions without cutting the wall if you apply your imagination and creativity.

The finished effect will be more than simply a visual pleasure. There will also be relief in knowing that the cables that were before providing a potential tripping hazard in your home, which is especially dangerous if you have children, have now vanished.

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