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Summertime is the perfect time to relax outdoors and enjoy a barbecue with friends and family. And we want to present your with kitchen outdoor lighting ideas.

The trouble is, when the sun goes down, your outdoor gathering can come to an end. A solution to this problem is outdoor kitchen lighting. With the right type of light, you can keep the party going long into the night!

There are many different types of outdoor kitchen lighting to choose from. You can go with traditional porch lights or go for something a little more unique, like string lights or lanterns.

The appropriate lighting enhances all from colors to moods, but there are a few factors you may not realize about outdoor kitchen lighting ideas that can affect everything from preparing meals to insect control.

Outdoor kitchen design for ideas and inspiration with outdoor kitchen lighting ideas


Lighting Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Owners

Are you considering adding lighting to your outdoor kitchen? Consider the purpose when choosing the ideal lights for your place. There are three main purposes for outdoor kitchen lighting:

  • Maintaining the safety of you and your guests
  • Setting the tone for your event
  • Work rooms that are well-lit make it easier to prepare food.

TIP 1 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The right lighting and fixtures can transform your outdoor cooking and dining experience, whether you have a large outdoor kitchen or a small outdoor kitchen island. Above the grill or cooktop is the first place to look for outdoor kitchen lighting. This may seem self-evident, but seeing the food you’re cooking is critical for presentation and determining whether meats are cooked to the proper temperature.

TIP 2 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Humidity and dampness should be considered while choosing lighting and electrical fittings. There are numerous variations, ranging from damp to wet, so make sure you select fixtures that are appropriate for your location.

TIP 3 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Install task lighting over your cooking area using Par-20 halogen lamps. Halogen lamps are compact and can withstand greater temperatures, making them ideal for use in outdoor kitchens.

TIP 4 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Using LED fixtures, it has becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners alike due to the many benefits they offer. LED lighting uses 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer. Additionally, LED fixtures produce virtually no heat, which means they can be placed in areas where traditional lighting would be too hot, such as near food prep areas or in warehouses.

TIP 5 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Consider installing a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture if your outdoor kitchen or eating area has one. The extra lighting will help the entire kitchen area perform better, and the fan will keep mosquitos away. Consider adding a dimmer to your outdoor kitchen so you can control the amount of light.

TIP 6 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Don’t forget about walkways and other low-lying locations. Grilling and entertaining outside at night is enjoyable, but it can be dangerous in dimly lit locations. For walkways and the perimeter of your outdoor kitchen, consider solar-powered LED landscape lighting.

TIP 7 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Install pendant lighting over the bar and serving areas for added visual appeal. Pendant lighting has a few disadvantages, the most notable of which is that it attracts spiders, who use it to create webs. Having a duster on hand is a good idea. Installing lighting under cabinets, counters, and inside lower cabinets where overhead lights don’t provide adequate coverage is also an excellent idea.

TIP 8 Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting will almost certainly necessitate the services of an electrician. Request a referral from your contractor, neighbors, or friends. Inquire with the electrician about how he or she intends to calculate the load that your lighting plan will require; multiple circuits may be required so that appliances and lighting can be on different circuits. By ensuring that your outdoor kitchen lighting performs properly, a professional can assist you in making the most of it.

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