How To Repair a Crack in a Glass Pipe or Silicone


Nothing is more dangerous to the average hemp enthusiast than a cracked pipe. We understand that accidents happen and that even though we do our best to protect our pipes.

The good news is that a crack in your pipe, whether silicone or glass, does not spell the end of the world. If the crack isn’t too bad, there are a few options for repair.

Keep in Mind


  1. If you’re working with a glass pipe, make sure there aren’t any shards or debris inside, as this can be hazardous.
  2. In some cases, the crack is too large to repair and it is preferable to purchase a new one.
  3. Once your pipe has been repaired, handle it with more care than usual because the cracked area may be weaker.

How To Repair a Crack in a Glass Pipe (2 Options)

Option #1: Duct Tape

The first viable option is duct tape. We understand that this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but if you’ve ever used duct tape to make a repair, you know that it can definitely get the job done better than a lot of other materials available. It really couldn’t be easier to repair a crack with duct tape. The key is to cut a small enough piece to adequately cover the crack without interfering with your ability to handle it. Make sure to firmly press down on the duct tape to create a solid seal that will not allow any air to escape.

Option #2: Silicone Glue

The second alternative is silicone glue, which can be used on both glass and silicone. This is available at any hardware store, and make sure to choose a high-quality one that will do the job properly. Simply apply a small amount of silicone glue along the crack, making sure to thoroughly cover every exposed piece. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours before using or handling it.

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A broken pipe can potentially saved if the crack is contained sufficiently and you know how to repair it. Use this guide to select your preferred method, and keep in mind that in some cases, it’s simply better to buy a new one.

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