Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive: 5 Easy Lighting Upgrades.


February 28, 2022 in Ideas

In the kitchen, the worlds of form and function come together seamlessly. Upgrading the lighting is also a good way to give the room a new lease on life in terms of design and substance. Even if a big kitchen redesign isn’t in the cards, a simple lighting change—from architectural track lighting to a dramatic chandelier—could be all it takes to completely transform the space. Lighting is similar to painting in that it may be a low-cost, high-impact technique to transform a room in a single day.

Consider these 5 simple ideas if your kitchen lighting needs an upgrade:

Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive_ 5 Easy Lighting Upgrades.

Under-Cabinet LED Light Bars

These long, narrow lights are mounted on the underside of your cabinetry and are great for illuminating countertops and prep areas. LED light bars are available in a range of lengths and may be linked together to illuminate even lengthy counters completely and evenly. They can either be connected to the wall for a seamless appearance or plugged in for a quick setup.

Under-Cabinet LED Light Bars
Simona Sergi / Unsplash

Decorative Flush Mount

Swapping out the basic ceiling fixture for something with a bit more personality is one of the quickest ways to give a spec kitchen a fresh flare. A decorative flush-mount fixture, such as this drum light with geometric cutouts, is a stunning addition that simply requires a few screwdriver twists.

Decorative Flush Mount
Sidekix Media / Unsplash

Pendant Lights

Consider placing pendant lights above an island or breakfast bar in your kitchen. Pendant lighting not only adds elegance to the area but can also help anchor a kitchen island in an open-concept home, making it feel more purposeful.

Dramatic Chandelier

Swapping up a simple ceiling bulb for a chandelier is one of the few lighting alternatives that have a more dramatic, unexpected impact on your kitchen. Even in the kitchen, don’t be scared to try something new. Your kitchen’s modest, utilitarian pieces will readily balance an extravagant chandelier.

Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive: 5 Easy Lighting Upgrades.
Ashley Byrd / Unsplash

Puck Lights

Small, disc-shaped puck lights are simple to place practically anywhere you need extra lighting, from under cabinets to deep drawers or in dark pantry corners. There are hardwired and plug-in puck lights, but battery-operated LED pucks, which can last up to 30,000 hours and can be mounted with Velcro, are the easiest to install.


Are you looking to give your kitchen a quick and easy makeover on a budget? Consider upgrading your lighting. This article provides 5 easy lighting upgrades that will make your kitchen look more expensive. Comment and share to help others achieve a beautiful kitchen on a budget.

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